Aged Poplar

Aged Poplar


Filled with the history and character of Indiana barn wood, this lamp features epoxy nail holes and beautiful grain.  Antique poplar is often naturally mineral stained, producing rich colors.  This lamp is naturally stained green, nicely contrasting with a light brown.  It is slightly curved inward at the top, perfect to store your jewelry or a couple of your favorite stones.  

Diameter:  4 3/8" - 5"

Height of wood base:  7 3/4"

Height with a shade:  15 3/4"  ***shade not included

Lamps are made with a solid brass socket, cloth covered wire, and a padded bottom.  The wood is sanded to 400 grit and finished with a high quality and eco friendly oil wax for a beautiful satin look and super smooth touch.   

***All the wood is from reclaimed wood, including old barns and buildings or fallen trees.  This saves the need for new trees to be cut down to make this product.  We love our forests!  

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